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The revision of the ModernUI.sys files has already been completed in which we had to unclean ourselves of variables that were no longer useful and also to modify the appearance that was in the project, however when modifying the file ModernUI.sys there were new Complements of variables that had to be added to the files .vb of the characters modified so far, this was the system.sys and Efect.sys, these two new system variable files, are new and have to be added to each character to Their respective files .vb but this will be added in the next report as they take much longer. On the other hand have changed some skills of the characters, however these will be published in the Center insider when we have each function of each skill, for the moment the ability that suffered much of the change was the ability "DEX" which had With the idea of the next function in the game, "temporarily increases the player's aim" by making every object or power thrown away never fail, however in the project, these skills were not necessary since the objects of these characters Always correct, that is why the new function is, "reduces the Breack Limit to 0" which allows both the character and if partner do not enter a stun state. Amazing the drastic changes that were given to the variables and abilities of the project truth, for the moment are all the changes that have emerged through this second reported below we leave some important points that emerged after this Change:

  • Some characters overlook the soil physics rules found in the Sysvar variables.
  • Fixed some issues with system item positions.
  • Added resistance to Breack Limit.
  • Corrected a possible error in the sound of the ability.
  • Regeneration notification removed.
  • Modified the ability "DEX"
  • Added new character input and end variables.
  • Added "pause" mode.
  • An error has been detected where the system does not recognize the team selection in the code "<var>Partner, var....</var>"
  • Given the previous error, this makes the character alone, have a life set in half and team characters have a complete life, given that this variable should not work this way and should only be, character only with all life and character S team with half.

Said with the above, there is an error in the code and find that error in the code will cost a lot of time because it is a code that includes many terminations and any of these terminations may be generating a conflict with the variables of the ModernUI.sys we will leave the link to the video where the error is detected. Error Detected In ModernUI.sys and PROJN14.sys