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Here you will find apart from the typical information of Insider Center, content both exclusive in English as content translated from the page, then we will guide you through the content of it. In the first part you must know that in Center Insider new categories have been added, which are PROJECT N14, REPORTS and CONTENT, there will be many more categories that will be destined to Insider Center, however the content that appears in the section CONTENT it will be quite different from the rest, remember that this section can be easily found by entering the page official of Sudowncat Insider Center, and select CONTENT, which is located on the left side of the screen (sidebar), you can also access the contents of this section by selecting any words that CONTENT, of some of the publications shown in the general view. After you know how to access the exclusive content of Sudowncat Insider Center In English, it is time to explain some of the features that are added in the page starting with the category of downloads.


In the download category, you can find enough downloadable content either, to personalize the home screen or the wallpaper of your computer, custom themes that do not inferred on changing system files, computer programs Useful for your computer, or our projects that have been created over time. In addition to having a new category called M.U.G.E.N And MUGE For Sudowncat, these are development tools which allows you to make your own 2d fighting type game, plus in the version MUGE For Sudowncat, it contains some parameters that benefit the developer when it comes to creating the game. However this version is still in developed and some files of the previous version are not compatible with this new version. Then we will leave the accesses and their translation.


This is the section of generic downloads, which contains all kinds of downloadable content that common mind is downloaded, here we find the programs, projects created by Sudowncat (games), wallpapers in different resolutions including images Special for the personalization of social networks Facebook and Twitter, and personalized themes with sound from different television programs.

> Utility and Software


Important programs that help improve Windows including updates of various controllers and software created by Sudowncat.

> Soundtrack


Albums of instrumental music that are used in the projects of Sudowncat, which are complete with their respective descriptions and labels.

> Personalization


Themes that are compatible with Windows 7 and later, which contain action sounds and custom cursors. (They will soon be in the Windows 10 store too)

> Projects


Games and applications created by Sudowncat, which are still in development, these projects are free because they are not yet completely finished.

> Wallpapers


Beautiful wallpapers to decorate different screens either, televisions, monitors, cell phones or the cover photos of those popular networks whether Facebook and Twitter.

Outstanding Content

Depending on the votes by users, here will appear all content better voted for each section, if you want to also vote you can address this link. Click Here For More Information about Content Outstanding.

M.U.G.E.N And MUGE For Sudowncat

In this section you will find exclusive content for MUGEN 2d platform fight game, several of the characters shown are of their respective creators and others are created by Sudowncat, in each content is the creator of that character, as well Including the size of each file.

> Chars


Characters fighting different scenarios, these are identified by having enough files inside, unzip the character in the folder "chars"

> Stages


Custom scenarios, these are in a great resolution and it is necessary that the computer where MUGEN meets the requirements marked in each file these must be put into the folder "stages"

> Fonts


Custom letters, in different ways, these have to be placed in the folder "Font"

> ScreenPack


Complete packs which personalize all Mugen, this can change to configurations that Mugen can have. It does not need installation as it is a clean project.

> Tools


Utilities to help you create your project Mugen, in the easiest way possible, as well as utilities that help in the configuration of the Mugen in general.

Outstanding Content

Characters, scenarios and fonts most voted by users, from each different section, in the case of the characters are shown up to three more voted characters. Click Here For More Information about of Content Outstanding.

Espacio Publicitario


Here you will find information about your favorite characters from various series. At the moment we are still translating every reference that goes to Sudowncat, at the moment you can ur to the licks of their respective creators to inform you about this character and its function in its own series. When we have the references pointing to Sudowncat we'll let you know through Sudowncat Center Insider.

Littlest Pet Shop

Small pets who tend to spend great adventures in the company of a girl named Blythe Baxter, currently for the 2018 will update their references.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Ponys with the magic of friendship, bundle with big problems but in your view transform every problem into an adventure, tend to have a great sense in what is right for others.

The King Of Fighters

Professional wrestlers in charge of preserving peace in the dark power world of Orochi, Iori, Kyo and Chizuru are in charge of taking care of the three weapons that will help to enclose that tremendous power of Orochi.

Umineko No Naku Koro Ni

The magic is not everything in a game of riddles, since battler sought a logical solution to inexplicable events that passes on an island full of witch.


Vampire hunters who have the task of defeating Dracula, a being who seeks to annihilate humanity as a punishment to have murdered his future wife Lisa.


Traveler of dreams that seeks to safeguard the most beautiful of dreams, it can be said that this character is the mascot of Namco.