Project 14 · 18. enero 2018
Hello followers of Sudowncat Corporation, every month we will publish a new advance of the most important characters of Sudowncat. As you know we started with the development of Russell in a complete way...
Project 14 · 15. enero 2018
Get to know the new moves of Russell Ferguson from Littlest Pet Shop, which we have in this new project

Entretainment · 17. octubre 2017
As mentioned previously published two new wallpapers, the first will be a wallpaper of Littlest Pet Shop and the second a wallpapers where all the characters of the project 14. At the moment we will begin to make these new wallpapers.
Windows · 17. octubre 2017
Since creators update was launched, Microsoft got on the job to prepare the next big Windows 10 feature update. The process began last April with the Build 16170 of what was then known as Redstone 3 and ends now with the

Content · 16. octubre 2017
First in the voting you will be able to vote on content that you like of the page and to help new users to find that content that stands for you. In the commissions you can participate in competitions and win either themes or wallpapers on the part of Sudowncat,
Content · 16. octubre 2017
Welcome to New Sudowncat Insider Center, Here you will find new content in your language and exclusive content for the people of the United States, in this section we'll give you a tour of the downloads categories and the references category. For More Information enter to next article.

Reports · 07. octubre 2017
The revision of the ModernUI.sys files has already been completed in which we had to unclean ourselves of variables that were no longer useful and also to modify the appearance that was in the project, however when modifying the file ModernUI.sys
Reports · 05. octubre 2017
At the moment we have just added new variables to the game system configuration file, but you can still vote that variables want to be added to the project. At this moment we are starting with the general configuration of the project where we will modify the appearance of the project...

Project 14 · 03. octubre 2017
The questionnaire has already been published where we want to know about your opinion of the variables that are being used in Project 14 in the ModernUI file, which are the variables of the main gameplay system.
Project 14 · 02. octubre 2017
An error was detected at the last moment, which has no repair to the naked eye, the only solution that leaves us this error is to restart Project 14, however we are adding new features to Project 14, one of them is the so-called Limit Breack...

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