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First in the voting you will be able to vote on content that you like of the page and to help new users to find that content that stands for you. In the commissions you can participate in competitions and win either themes or wallpapers on the part of Sudowncat, however in some cases also our members who are dedicated in the area of graphic design can make some drawings or vectors depending on whether they have Open commissions and so on the rules that they put in their respective commissions.


In this section you will find votes for the improvement of the Web page, where you will find all that are the featured content, projects and characters that is done for users and some surveys that are or that provides Hasbro or Any other partener. Remember that every questionnaire we take care of the integrity of our users and also this information is only used for the improvement of the Web page, not published nor name and any other personal information of our users. For more information visit Sudowncat Privacy Politics In English.

Web page

Questionnaires for the remarkable content of the page, remember that all the content that stands out will be published in the sections of remarkable content that each section is found, including the quick start of the page.

> Downloads Outstanding Content


In this vote you will be voting for downloadable content for each of the categories.


Questionnaires that help to improve the projects of Sudowncat, such as new attacks that may have a new character and possible improvements to the projects as is the case with new functions.

> New Variable in the Project 14


Vote to learn about the new variables that will have Project 14, is available in both Spanish and English.

> Questionnaire PROJ14 or PROJ12


Depending on this questionnaire we will decide if we continue with the project RPG 12 or project 14 the current project.


Questionnaires that are not in any category, and are oblivious to the questionnaires that we do, as is the case of companies (Windows, Hasbro, SNK, etc.).


In this section you can find those users who make commissions, remember that sometimes some users can have their commissions closed due to saturation of them. Also remember that Sudowncat constantly publishes some draws on different social networks so we recommend you to follow us in all our networks. Remember to read the description of each user to know the conditions in which you can participate.

Solo Sudowncat

Competitions which will be rewarded the first three finalists, as well as Raffles which only one will be the winner. Which is earned in commissions made by Sudowncat:

  1. Themes for PC totally free, depending on the program the winner wants.
  2. Complete wallpapers of different resolutions of the program that the winner wants.
  3. Chars for the 2D battles game called MUGEN, the character that the cattle want and if available in the Sweepstakes or contest.
  4. Free license of projects made by Sudowncat in case of being available in the Sweepstakes or contest.
  5. Complete ScreenPack for the 2D battle system called MUGEN, depending on the program the winner wants and if available in the Sweepstakes or contest.
  6. Sources and scenarios for the 2D battle system called MUGEN, of the program that the winner wants. In almost being available in the Sweepstakes or contest.

Ismael (Ionteiichi)

Commissions are made depending on the activity of the followers of the Sudowncat account, if you are an active user in your DEVIENTART account you will receive a confirmation note, which will tell you that you have won a commission of X type. If you want another commission other than the already given for being an active user on DEVIANTART, you will have to choose between the types of vectors I have for you.


You do not want to wait more and you want a commission in a personal way, do not worry also I do commissions of personal type. Then choose between my commissions available the one you like and how you want that I did it. Remember that each one has a cost of between 10 MXN to 100 MXN as the case may be. Each vector is different and can count differently. All of our vectors are in HD 4 K.

Littlest Pet Shop

Vector Type